Imagining Science supports universities and science organisations with transformation processes, innovation and strategy development.

Academic institutes carefully manage their organisation and brand on the international education, employer and innovation market. Increasingly universities are measured by their capacity to build vibrant innovation ecosystems based on creativity and entrepreneurship. This empowers students to gain practical experience in research incubators, while inventive strategies can make the difference for research teams acquiring third-party funding.

New generations students and staff suppose from science leaders to transform universities and research centers into green, lean, service-oriented, values-driven and inclusive study and work environments. Internal and external stakeholders appreciate genuine mutual relations based on flat communication and a collaborative culture. Expert organisations with a great variety of focus areas and departments best can be comprehended as the sum of differences which create the identity of the whole.

Imagining Science supports organisations by curating transformation, by being a sparring partner for recalibrating organisation values, ambitions and shared identity based on collaboration. We offer differentiated strategic advice in institutional positioning and communication strategy, as well as on digital and on-site experiences with a profound awareness of knowledge organisations. We support science and education leaders in becoming catalysts of change.




Research and analysis

Development and Change

  • Change processes; Participative turnarounds
  • Corporate identity
  • Leitbilder: vision, mission, strategy, code of conduct; Corporate narratives
  • Foresight; Contextual research; Fields of action
  • Design and innovation-driven transformation (design thinking)
  • Scenario development and decision-making
  • Communication of transformation trajectories

Public engagement and Service design

  • Stakeholder networks; Citizen science projects
  • Digital service design
  • On-site service design

Positioning and Branding

  • Brand analysis
  • Positioning and brand strategies
  • Brand management
  • Corporate communication strategies

Communication and Design

  • Visual identity and Corporate design
  • Transmedia storytelling projects; Websites; Social media
    See also Science communication
  • Spatial design; Exhibitions, Curatorial projects
  • Corporate architecture (advice)

Project management

  • Design management
  • Coordination and implementation
  • Design competition management

Depending on the project situation and questions, we can take the lead or collaborate with partners and internal teams on client-side.


Project examples

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