Imagining Science conceptualises and develops science communication through transmedia storytelling.
A scientific discovery is as non-existent, as unknown as a work of literature, an artwork, or a design, until it is published. At Imagining Science, we translate scientific findings for general and specific audiences by applying design approaches and methodologies.
Complex scientific narratives, which are based on new vocabularies, inner logics and lines of argumen­tation familiar within science disciplines are analysed, decoded and elucidated into stories and accessible narratives. The narration of science tells the story of the exploration after the map has been drawn.
Rooted within the arts, Imagining Science goes beyond marketing and public relations, it builds upon information integrity and combines story­telling and associations that open up an inter­pretative space for new insight. Through professional science communication new audiences and interest groups can be interested to become involved in the developments of in science and other way around, scientists can be better connected to society.




Research and analysis

Science communication

  • Science communication strategies and concepts
  • Workshops, Expert panels and conferences
  • Transmedia storytelling; Interactive data stories
  • Knowledge visualisation
  • Online communication strategies; Websites; Social media
  • Visual narratives; Visual journalism; Science films
  • Curatorial projects; Exhibitions
  • Spatial and digital immersive experiences
  • Podcast and multimedia formats

Project management

  • Design management
  • Production

Depending on the project situation and questions, we can take the lead or collaborate with partners and internal teams on client-side.


Project examples

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