Imagining Science is an indepen­dent trans­disciplinary design research, consultancy and creative practice exploring the strategic, spatial and communi­cative potential of collabo­rations between science and the applied arts, uniting qualities of both. We see the alliance of scientists, designers and strategists as that of partners in creating, organising and narrating knowledge.
Imagining Science operates as a hybrid entity: a laboratory, research unit and consultancy that offers advice and project developments in the areas of science commu­nication, spatial and digital know­ledge environments and strategy and innovation of universities and science organisations.

The projects undertaken by Imagining Science span a great diversity of material outcomes, from visions and conceptual strategies, editorial projects and visual commu­ni­­cation to archi­tec­tural and spatial concepts for universities, labs and knowledge centers, museums and archives.

We rely on a broad range of inter­connected competencies and 25+ years of experience in design, arts, research and education, public administration, business and NGOs that are located in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Europe, Asia, Australia and USA. This background allows us to move fluently between different profes­sional and cultural contexts.
Understanding ourselves as a contemporary research-driven office, we continuously reinter­pret our professional roles and purposes in the knowledge society by asking what design can do for science and how science can augment design.


We have worked for clients, commis­sioners and cooperation partners such as: State Archive Canton of Basel-Stadt; State Archive Canton St. Gallen; Excellence Foundation Zurich/ Department of Economics, University of Zurich; Nomis Foundation; School of Design, University of Technology, Sydney (selection) N1


Imagining Science is organised as a virtual office that is compatible with the networked nature of today’s scientific and knowledge practices. Tailored to the project, we assemble multidisciplinary project teams to respond to the ques­tions of our clients and coop­eration partners.
The creation of knowledge and creative projects is a highly social and collabo­rative process. We believe in the diversity of personalities and their unique capacities. This makes our teams, ideas and work better.
Because we are working at the intersection of science and design, information scrutiny and fact checking has our utmost priority. Imagining Science commits to present-day ethical standards and we value profes­sional attitudes and personal integrity throughout our collaborations with clients and partners.


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Imagining Science

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