Imagining Science is a trans­disci­plinary startup open for junior and senior professionals who are interested to go beyond the boundaries at the intersection of design and science. Find here information about jobs and internships at Imagining Science.

We are interested in talented individuals (MA, PhD) who are combining research abilities with design (or art) conception and realisation. Analytical thinking, strong conceptual skills and creative virtuosity are key in the work we do. Future team members have a pronounced multidisciplinary professional background and recognise that the potential for progress lies in between the disciplines.
Beyond imagination about how our tomor­row’s world could look like and expe­rience with creative media, team members bring a sincere, resilient mindset and a collaborative attitude.

Currently no job openings

Internships for design/ arts students (MA) with design research background.
Unsolicited applications are welcome. Please send your dossier (cv, portfolio, motivation letter as PDF) to us.

Currently no internship openings